Big Barn

(Under Construction)

The name “Big Barn” is not an effort to be cute.  This barn in New Hope, PA, is actually quite big.  At 10,000 sqft, this imposing residence boasts four full levels, vaulted ceilings, a four-story elevator, and stands at nearly 40 ft high.

Designed for a young and energetic family, the Big Barn was designed to accommodate all aspects of comfort one would typically only find in luxury boutique hotels.  In addition to the Big Barn (main residence), the property has three other buildings and a pool and spa area.  Together, the property consists of two kitchens, four bars, a gym, an interior event center (stage, lighting, sound), and an advanced home automation system. 

The interior styling is Art Deco but with a hint of edginess to align more with modern aesthetics and the owners’ personalities.  The interior structure has been completely transformed with the use of massive steel columns, four-story steel stair towers, and steel and glass interior curtain walls that can move depending on the event of the day.  With so much to offer, the Big Barn is truly an entertainment hub.

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