Broad Range of Services

Alpha Genesis provides a broad range of services for residential and commercial projects. From land planning and purchasing to design and construction, we can work with you on some or all aspects of your project. While based in Bucks County, PA, our reach extends across the country, bringing our enthusiasm and unique design concepts to a variety of projects including new home construction, large-scale renovations, and historic restorations.

We focus on collaboration and create designs that are an extension of your lifestyle.  Our team of designers and talented craftspeople seamlessly incorporate unique design concepts while carefully considering flow and use of space. Our designs artfully integrate with the surrounding landscaping and environment, leaving you with a property that has been thoughtfully planned and exceptionally executed.

Home Design:

From a design’s initial conception to its completion, our design services unify the design-build experience. Our work spans a wide variety of project types with a strong emphasis on custom residential homes, including new construction, historic restorations, and large-scale renovations. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and other high-end commercial spaces make up the hospitality side of our services.

We develop and execute unique concepts to align with the aspirations of our clients while being attuned to the site and surrounding environment. We carefully evaluate design objectives against potential challenges (land use, local municipality limitations, etc.) before developing a comprehensive design narrative, building program, and concepts.

Our work is recognizable in its bold and purposeful designs that extend from the overall concept to the smallest details. We use drawings and computer renderings in aiding both architect and client to envision the project as it is being designed, which helps achieve expected results.

Interior Design:

Interior design is an organic extension of the design-build process. We believe that people should be inspired by the spaces around them. A building, whether residential or commercial, is more than just a structure to house people and objects — it is a vessel to transform experiences and to create memories and meaningful connections.

We consider use of space, interior furnishings, lighting, and artwork early on in the design process such that there is no separation between where architecture ends and interior design begins. We believe that the best designs should echo your personality, enhance your lifestyle, and convey the essence of you and your unique endeavor.


Being a single design-build entity allows us to artfully direct all aspects of the architectural, design, and construction process from inception to completion to ensure project cohesion, expediency, and fluidity. Our construction team includes experienced builders who create a collaborative environment for the best trade and craftspeople to deliver high-quality workmanship in every custom home and building project.

Permit sequencing, construction sequencing, and efficient construction management are essential to a smooth construction process.  In many instances, we are able to reduce time and cost associated with the permit process because of our unique construction sequencing. Our ability to navigate local rules, ordinances, regulations, and permitting process has set us apart and made us highly sought after by clients, especially those pursuing complex endeavors where foresight and careful planning are critical.


Our firm’s approach to producing purposeful designs extends to the objects that are placed in the homes and buildings we create. We work diligently with our artists and craftspeople to design and produce original pieces that uniquely and intentionally fit each space. Whether wood, glass, metal, or a combination of specialty materials, we prioritize fabrications to enhance lifestyle with preference for execution that is timeless over those that are trendy in the moment.

Land Planning & Development:

We start with a concentrated dialogue with clients about their aspirations and intended end use to develop an overall project intent. We carefully research and analyze regulatory requirements, restrictions, applicable building and zoning codes in Bucks County or your ideal location to develop a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities and constraints of the subject property/land.

Based on these findings, we provide recommendations on the best course of action, including site selection, site development design, and project sequencing. During this process, we can work with you and any of your representatives (attorney, real estate agent, personal manager, etc.).

Real Estate Development & Investment:

We understand and appreciate real estate development as a primary investment vehicle as well as a way to diversify an investment portfolio.  We work with clients in real estate development and investment in a variety of ways and can tailor our engagement and partnership. We can cultivate and present land development opportunities, provide full architectural design-build and total management services for those who desire to financially invest with minimal or no operational involvement. Each endeavor is unique. Please contact us to discuss your individual interests.

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Our comprehensive and holistic approach to the design-build process has made us highly sought after by clients pursuing complex and involved projects. Contact our team about your project.

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