We offer versatile design services that encompass residential and commercial projects with full-service capabilities such as conceptual renderings, interior design, construction documents, and construction oversight. We maintain a diverse portfolio of work, with a focus on residential design builds.

Home design involves a deep understanding of our clients’ aspirations for the end result, as well as thoughtful consideration of their budget and schedule needs.  From custom residential estates to reimagined commercial spaces, we develop and execute unique designs to align with your aspirations and serve as an extension of your lifestyle. 

Every aspect of our work is centered on creativity, material selection, and art of the craft. Our designs stand out for their ambition and exuberance, extending from the conceptual idea to each detail.

Envision a Space That Aligns With Your Lifestyle

As a lifestyle company, we believe that customization and collaboration are essential to designing a project that transforms a space into something more personal. We take your aspirations and incorporate them into a sophisticated design that considers both function and form. Our designs engage with the site’s surroundings, blurring the boundary between the structure and environment. 

As a team of accomplished designers, we work to bring a comprehensive approach to the design-build process. Working with a design-build team ensures a holistic, unified approach that seamlessly incorporates architecture and interior design that are fluidly executed in the construction phase. Our extensive, unified services allow for cohesive planning, including land use, permitting, permit sequencing, and construction sequencing


Residential Architecture

We carefully consider your aspirations and develop a comprehensive understanding of the landscape, site and other important elements that influence the end design. We design and facilitate the construction of new homes, large scale home renovation projects and historic restorations.

>> New Construction

Ground-up new construction home projects can be very exciting and rewarding because the home is like a blank canvas waiting for your individual footprint. In addition to helping you envision the possibilities of what your future home can be, we ensure that the entire project (other building structures / entire estate) is well planned out and appropriately integrate with its topography, surroundings, and environment. We consider these elements, tailoring the design of your new home to enhance a sense of immersion in the landscape. 

Careful planning is key. It begins when we work to understand the uses and lifestyle you want your home to support, including your hobbies, how you entertain, and how you intend to use each space. For example, we might incorporate an underground garage in the design for clients with a large car collection. For Avid art collectors, we would prioritize gallery-style walls with appropriate art lighting for display. For music lovers, we would pay special attention to the quality of sound throughout the home. We think about interior design early in the process so that each element of your home comes together cohesively. Whether you want to build the entire project at once or plan certain aspects for future additions, our holistic approach ensures your project scope has a unified vision. 

>> Renovation

Most renovation projects stem from necessity. Older homes tend to have small rooms, low ceilings, outdated kitchens, and poor use of space.  As you outgrow your existing home or feel that they are outdated, Alpha Genesis has the vision to see what’s possible. Through the renovation design process, we bring the comfort of modern living, create better utilization of space, and more organic flow.

For those who are looking to purchase a new home and find the process frustrating because you cannot find a property that has the desired aesthetics while satisfying the need for modern amenities, our team can help. As you evaluate potential properties with renovation in mind, our creative residential design-build architects will envision what can be done to transform the space to achieve your goals. We can help you find a house that has the elements needed to be transformed into the desired renovated home.

>> Historic Restoration

Historic restoration involves reconstructing, renovating, or preserving structures of value and historical significance.  We are driven by our fundamental respect for historic buildings and a commitment to the stewardship of these structures. We believe in creating unique solutions that not only preserve and restore but apply new designs in historic contexts.  Our goal is to simultaneously restore visual appeal while adding elements to accommodate modern living.

Our knowledge of building styles and techniques and collaboration with expert craftspeople allows us to revive these structures while improving their functionality and performance.  We enlist a sense of unabashed passion for each project we pursue.  From undergoing historical review board approvals to sourcing materials that comply with historical renovation guidelines, our extensive expertise working in historic districts results in the successful execution of the intended goal.

Commercial Architecture

Our work extends to commercial projects. From cozy inns to trendy restaurants and bars, our high-end aesthetic lends itself to various hospitality and commercial ventures. Early in the commercial design process, we pay special attention to the use of space, interior furnishings, artwork, and lighting to attain a distinctive atmosphere and cohesive style. 

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