The Lodge

Framed in a daring display of oak and steel, The Lodge is a modern-day fortress tucked away in the woods of Bucks County, PA. Perched on a ledge overlooking the Paunnacussing Creek, The Lodge was a new construction project designed to take full advantage of its site and privacy.

Creating a blend of old and new worlds, The Lodge was designed to integrate the traditional Quaker meeting house’s long horizontal exterior proportions with uncompromisingly modern interiors.  A distinctive feature of The Lodge is the use of steel and reclaimed oak throughout the interior. This bold and masculine look was intentional and has become a popular topic of discussion in Bucks County. 

The architect blurred the boundaries between inside and outside to create an expansive indoor/outdoor living and entertainment space.  Consisting of 5,100 square feet of interior space, The Lodge has 6 French doors covering all 4 sides of the building that allows one to seamlessly connect to the surrounding nature.  The ‘perimeter’ hallway design directs foot traffic to the outside edges of each room on the main floor to further facilitate entertainment by allowing intimate use of each room without disruption as other guests move from one room to the next.

(Below) The walls, ceilings, and floors of The Lodge were built with reclaimed wood, hand salvaged from the forest after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, totaling enough wood to line over 200 football fields. Weighing in at over 1.6 million pounds, and defiantly anchored directly into the bedrock, The Lodge is a monument to nature and man’s dominion over it.

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