The Vermont Chalet

The Vermont Chalet was a significant renovation project in beautiful Stowe, VT.  The Chalet had a small 1,500 SF footprint on each of the two floors with low ceilings, non-functional kitchen and bathrooms, outdated built-ins, four different finished floor heights with three clashing material, and choppy layout throughout the home.  Our design challenge was to turn this into a comfortable, functional, lovely small home that takes advantage of natural light and superb Mount Mansfield view without expanding the existing square-footage.

The architect lofted the ceiling on the main floor and added new exposed collar ties to increase height, vertical volume, and visual interest in the main living space.  Large floor-to-ceiling windows provide perfect viewing of Mount Mansfield and bring in an abundance of natural light.  The removal of old built-in panels allowed the existing wood-burning fireplace and chimney to be shaped and painted black to accent the room and create a focal point for the sitting area.  The kitchen and bathrooms are more spacious, functional, and well appointed.  This was achieved with better layout rather than needing to increase size.

The interior design features an electric collection of furniture, artwork, and lighting that reflect the personalities of the well-traveled homeowners.

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