The Suites

The Suites was designed and built for an iconic world traveler who wanted a welcoming retreat to host family and friends.  The Suites maximizes the available 1,200 square foot space providing comfort while being discretely tucked away. 

A covered walkway physically and visually connects The Suites to the main residence. We echoed the design of the main residence in The Suites to achieve an integrated style.  The same rich oak floor planks used in the primary residence is repeated in The Suites.  Windows are a big feature of this building for both function and form.  A 5’ x 8’ south-facing window overlooks the gardens below and a set of square internal windows that form the corner walls of the largest suite creates visual interest as well as bring ample natural light into the room.

A simple material palette – white ceiling and walls and golden-brown patina oak floors – provides a contemporary backdrop for the owner’s decorator to customize the look of each room.

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